CCTO Recommendations

# Issue Recommendation Category Time Frame Status Progress Date of Issue
CCTO-2020-002 Poor Marine shipping capacity Undertake rehabilitation of the currently operational vessels of MV. Umoja and grounded MV. Pamba to increase marine shipping capacity. Maritime



Rehabilitation of the current vessels on going and expected to be completed early January 2022


CCTO-2020-001 Rail Cargo Tracking Acquisition of the rail cargo tracking system to ensure cargo monitoring along the route. Rail



Completed by acquiring rail cargo tracking system in TRC Training of staff on the system is on going


CCTO-2019-001 Poor road sections Road section Lusahunga – Rusumo has been in a very poor condition attracting a lot of delays and accidents. Rehabilitation ongoing. Funds for a complete rehabilitation of the road section from Lusahunga to Rusumo are being mobilized by TANROADS, advance procurement of works contract (Contractor and Consultant) has been requested to the MoWTC - Tz Roads



By March 2020, a contract for rehabilitation of the section was signed. On June 2020, construction started and expected to be finalized by March 2021


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